12-Step and Other Cult-Related Videos

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Many times it is asked how the Step groups could have become so influential when they are not only worse than useless but antithetical to traditional Western values. There are doubtless a lot of reasons for this. One little, tiny historical item of many that has served as part of the successful juggernaut of opinion change for the Step groups is the award-winning cartoon "Birds Anonymous."

Click below to see Birds Anonymous on a website in Romania

AA Freak Blames the Victim of Sexual Abuse

Flashbacks to the Oxford Group

Frank Buchman was the leader of an organization variously known as First Century Christian Fellowship, Oxford Group, Moral Re-Armament, and Initiatives of Change. Bill Wilson, Dr. Bob, Dr. Silkworth and all the early members of AA when the Big Book was first written were all members of the Oxford Group.

Oxford Group Camp is a glimpse of the activities of one day at the camp in Birmingham, England.

Another interesting piece of history of the supposed "more spiritual than religious" Oxford Group. Can you spot the Nazi flag?

Group Movement. Mass demonstration at Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Smile Til It Hurts

Until not long ago, many incorrectly believed that "Up with People" was the last gasp of a dying Oxford Group.

Here are a couple of videos from a documentary about "Up with People" called Smile 'Til It Hurts.

SMILE 'TIL IT HURTS Up With People-Opening and Clips
SMILE 'TIL IT HURTS Up With People-Follow The Money