Resisting 12-Step Coercion
How to Fight Forced Participation in AA,
NA, or 12-Step Treatment

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Table of Contents


Introduction (by Thomas Horvath, Ph.D.)

Preface (by Stanton Peele)

Foreword (by Charles Bufe)

1. The Nature of the Problem

the number of alcohol abusers; the dominance of 12-step groups; the dominance of 12-step ; treatment; the number of facilities and the number of those treated; the cost of 12-step treatment; avenues of coercion; are coerced persons really alcoholics?; the disease concept of alcoholism; 12-step treatment

2. The Efficacy of 12-Step Groups and 12-Step Treatment

the efficacy of AA and NA; efficacy of 12-step and other traditional alcoholism treatments; 12-step drug treatment; the "best" evidence of the efficacy of 12-step treatment; is abstinence necessary?; what works?; summary

3. 12-Step Groups as Religious Organizations

religious elements in AA's practices; religious elements in AA's program and literature; AA's religious origins; summary

4. The Courts and Coerced 12-Step Attendance

the 12 steps; resolved and unresolved issues; U.S. court rulings against mandated AA/12-step program participation; summary

5. Informed Consent

legal requirements; ethical principles; clinical benefits; remedies; violation of medical principles in addiction treatment

6. A Prototypical Case of Alcoholism Treatment: G. Douglas Talbott

a troubled program; the Talbott philosophy and its sources; the Masters case; what the Masters case and judgment tell us

7. Summary of Legal and Clinical Objections to Compulsory AA, 12-Step, and Abstinence Treatment

legal issues; informed consent; therapeutic issues

Appendix A. A Complaint Regarding Alcoholism Therapist Misconduct
narrative; assessment of the report; violations of ASAM principles of medical ethics; misdiagnosis of alcohol dependence; attachment:assessment of Captain Smythe; diagnosis of Capt. Smythe; alternate view of diagnosis; postscript

Appendix B. Secular Self-Help Groups