Horror Stories
True Tales of Misery, Betrayal and Abuse in NA, AA and 12-Step Treatment

Rebecca Fransway
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This book is here courtesy of See Sharp Press and Rebecca Fransway, Ed.

13. Michelle
Screwed by Drug Alcohol Therapist

I went to residential treatment and then aftercare in the Midwest at a place I'll call The Happy Destiny Pines Rehab. Naturally, I was taught that AA is the only way, and that I would have to attend meetings for the rest of my life.

Things became difficult for me in AA after my outpatient counselor and his girlfriend gave me a ride home from an AA meeting one night. I believe that she and two other AA women became very jealous of me, and as a result I was completely ignored by all of the women in the group for a period of several months. One after another of the men "hit" on me, trying to get me to visit them at home and things like that.

It was a very difficult time for me, because at aftercare I was being told to get a sponsor, but at the meetings no women would speak to me -- only men. One man in particular kept offering to be my sponsor. I later found out that he had sex with every female that he sponsored.

I couldn't understand what was wrong with me. I finally rebelled and refused to attend any AA meetings at all. Aftercare at the treatment center was the only place that I could get any decent support, the only place where I was not treated like a pariah.

But after a year of aftercare, and then another year of outpatient treatment, my outpatient counselor asked me if I wanted to have sex. I'd had a crush on him for a very long time, and I agreed. We went to his house where he lived with his girlfriend -- she was at work -- and we had sex. As we were putting our clothes back on, he said, "Hey, I can't be your therapist anymore." And, of course, he swore me to secrecy.

We had sex several more times after that, again at his house, in the outpatient building, in the group room -- on the floor -- and once in the parking lot in his car. In February I stopped going to outpatient treatment.

I am still paying the bill for getting screwed by my therapist.