More Revealed's Own Horror Stories

Twenty Years Sober and Sick of AA

November 9th, 2006

Besides having insane sponsors who (recent example) screamed at me, then made "amends" by saying: "I'm sorry I tried to HELP you" (niiiiiice...)

I wrote this to Orange recently (—and perhaps it bears repeating:

The concept "of myself I am nothing—the father doeth the works"—permeates the consciousness of AA members *so much* (!) that one can't take credit for anything one accomplishes—especially long-term sobriety—without some jerk giving you a 'pride goeth before a fall' vibe.

Most people I know in aa (with long-term sobriety in NYC, who got sober early, before 'making their way in the world') are:

  1. beaten down and hopeless
  2. impose their own fear, dogma, superstition, avarice, and self-hate on anyone they can get their hands on (particularly sponsees…)
  3. when they didn't get the world handed to them because they're sober—they either retreat into false humility or become egomaniacal tyrants who believe they know the only way to be sober.
  4. lead questionable private lives and maintain sainthood while qualifying

Don't even get me started on the western god-christian thing, or Clancy-ites—who remind me of those frat boys who started screaming "Bush won twice!" (during the recount vote in Florida) at the non-partisan people hired to count hanging chads…

It's *not* just the inter-personal horror stories that render AA a threat—(because whenever human beings get together, there's bound to be some f*cked up stuff going on)—it's the concept of powerlessness taken to extreme that is the most soul-killing.

thanks for reading