More Revealed's Own Horror Stories

Still no Love, Respect or even a Call!!

September 10th, 2006

Hi all. Just an update on my previous horror story. It's been over two months since my Dad passed away and I still have yet to receive a phone call or any contact from the former FELLOWSHIP OF a.a.! My sponsor who was also told—(and was my sponsor for 5 years) is included in this bunch of heartless cold-blooded mind snatchers!!

Any of you who still attend 12 step mtgs., quit, change nights, move out-of-town or otherwise go AWOL from the scene. Be aware of the lack of support, caring and general concern that could be shown you!!

I'm sharing this with you for 2 reasons, those being getting it off my mind (ANGER) and to perhaps save you the letdown you will get if you depend on the A.A. group for support if and when you have a major loss/death in the family and look to the A.A. folks for any kind of backup once you have become an OUTSIDER to them!!

Yours again,