More Revealed's Own Horror Stories

Sit and Become a Nitwit!

March 3rd, 2006

When I first came into the program around 6 years ago I was desperate to get healthy, after 30 years of drinking I felt pretty lousy and had a year earlier tried to quit on my own, unsuccessfully. At first I was horrified by what I heard, all the carnage, bankruptcies, ruined reputations and broken relationships, and it was easy to believe, because I knew lots of boozers that had been through all of those things…but I hadn't. I wasn't even angry at anyone, or resentful, or spiritually sick or anything of the sort, but I sat and listened anyway.

Soon I was asked to share. I didn't want to because I really had nothing negative to say, about myself or anyone else, I was just a very physically ill alcoholic person who otherwise had a lot going for them and wanted some real set rules and regulations to help me quit drinking forever! Well I got just exactly what I asked for because soon I was making amends to folks who kept saying "But you did nothing to me!", and "Look, if I forgot already why don't you?".

And the meetings-God help us, I've never heard such a bunch of self-righteous spewing and made up crappola just a huge one-upmanship contest to see who the saint-of-the-week is! Anyway to get to the point after years of this I was finally told the reason I was there was not because of what I was but what I could have become.

THE NERVE! Anyway at that point I decided that making confession for what I hadn't even done yet was ridiculous and I decided to walk out and have not gone back since.

THANK YOU I FEEL SO MUCH RELIEF NOW! Anyone else want to share?