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Restricted Files: AA History Archives

November 15th, 2006

Policy Concerning Access to Materials in the A.A. Archives.

The materials in the A.A. Archives are available to A.A. members and non-A.A.s who have a legitimate interest, such as historians, social scientists, etc. However, as befits an anonymous organization, access is controlled. The Intergroup Committee of Alcoholics Anonymous in Santa Clara County has established the policies and rules. Each application for access to the archival holdings must be approved. This Committee has complete responsibility for the archival material and has the jurisdiction over its use.

The overall goal of the Archives is to remain as open as possible so that A.A. members may have ready access to the historical legacy of their organization and program. In addition, serious researchers should be allowed access to the holdings. Controls are necessary, however, to ensure the anonymity of all persons mentioned in archival material, in line with their own wishes and with the A.A. Tradition, in order to protect the materials themselves from loss, from physical damage and from deterioration due to handling, aging or environmental conditions. All A.A. members are welcome as visitors to the Archives Center. There they can see selected materials and speak with the archivist about our holdings, about archival activities in their areas and about how they might use the central resources both the material in the Archives and technical archival assistance.

However, if A.A. members or non-A.A. scholars wish to make use of specific material in the Archives, a written request for access should be made to the trustees' Archives Committee specifying what materials are desired, and the use to which they will be put. Each request will be considered and ruled on an ad hoc basis. Trustees, directors and staff members have access to archival material (with the exception of (RESTRICTED FILES) without having to make such requests. However, they may not remove material from the physical Archives area.


What is the point in having restricted files if one doesn't have access to them (including trustees, directors etc.) they may as well not exist. Why don't they just destroy them if they reveal secrets about Wilson, Buchman et al. I'd imagine if the real truth were revealed (restricted files) AA would be blown off the face of the earth. It reminds me a little of "The Wizard of OZ"—what people don't know won't hurt them; well just keep feeding them the BIG LIE (AA).

There must be someone who has access to them & knows what they contain. I don't believe that the trustees or directors don't have access to them. Someone is pulling the strings. If you can find out, WHO, then ALL WILL BE REVEALED!!