More Revealed's Own Horror Stories

Recovery Legal Plan

May 4th, 2005

As of late I have become extremely ill,with COPD, incurable lung disease, due to smoking, hepatitis C, and less than two years ago I suffered a spinal fusion with titanium rods in three levels of my lower back, the third spine operation, the second of which has left me with an amount of discomfort. Rather than “use” after my first surgery, I began to smoke again, after abstinence in this area, for a period of five months, after being told that the quality of life would continue to deteriorate.

At my beginnings I believed in most of the principals of the 12 step organizations. As a long time addict I had dealt with the clinic madness and its inability to either help, or really encourage, anyone to take leave of its services. When I broke free I started to experience harassment from staff of where I lived. Withdrawal had gone on too long. Detox was a slow process. See [web address no longer works] The links are down. I will have to repair them. Sabotage isn't the only method of retaliation. Since I left the clinic, almost I have been the victim of an ongoing harassment. I didn't know how to put it into words, which is part of the process of ongoing harassment, which are complex, and involve a network, including 12 steppers and friends of Bill W, which are meant to, put life and health in jeopardy. Webs like 12 step coercion watch, and sites devoted to group or multi-stalkers, have been an outlet.

As of this writing I have presented one case in Federal Court, in regards to a housing application being rejected, and naming AA as the source, in part of this ongoing harassment. It sits on a judges bench in the Southern District of NY at 500 Pearl Street, prose, former pauperis.

What I need here is, letters from you, victims of 12 step harassment,especially if they involve harassment of an ongoing nature, and violence. Contact by snail mail is acceptable. Write to Donald Lee 220, West 49th Street, NYC, 10019. E-mails, describing your abuses, are fine but be aware that my site is insecure. My web has been removed and tampered with more than once, and my e-mails entered, read and disposed of I am also working toward trying to solve this problem with biometrics entry to any of my browser sites, and have contacted the NYPD internet Fraud bureau. This is NYC, and it is large.

For other victims of 12 step insanity, or similar actions and antagonistic attitudes of old associates working with 12 steppers, hell bent on inflicting injury, and wishing to blame all the 12 steppers, include your experiences. You all might wish to check out this site — “The Orange Papers” it is also informative reading