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Psychological Fascism

December 18th, 2005

At first I thought AA was about quitting drinking and getting sober enough to start to rebuild myself after seven years of chronic alcohol and drug abuse. I went along, presuming (my own stupidity comes into play) that all that was uttered in meetings was some kind of divine, medical truth and that boy, I "better believe"…

…sad to think that some people have wasted decades of living in those rooms, thinking they still—after all these years—better believe. What the hell is that? Its called fascistic terror—focused not on the individuals societal place, but on his mind. AA attacks, sculptures, and reframes our past, our future, and what we are doing now. It does this through fear, through terror.

What they don't tell you in AA as well is that, not only will you start seeing yourself as horrible and defected and/or spiritually fit or unwell, but it will spread out across how you see your friends, your neighbors, and even the rest of the world. Granted this is not always the case, but to be near that stuff for long enough surely is dancing with the dragon. I am a socialist, a standard left winger, who wants a bit of peace for this world—no matter what you believe. I will not and cannot believe in the "original sin/defects" idea of Bill Wilson and that we should all just get humble before God. I am glad they have not taken my political ideas away. And they wont, as long as I stay away.

Thank you to Agent Orange for making this all happen to me. He has been very brave in my opinion. And cheers Ken and all the others fighting this important, good cause.