More Revealed's Own Horror Stories

Out of Step and Out of Line!

February 13th, 2007

I have fallen out of step and out of line. Ask those 12-step people around me….and they will say she hasn't been to meetings, she hasn't been of service, she doesn't say the Lord's Prayer.

They are worried about me you see. They are worried because I am home knitting in front of the TV with my dog at my feet and my kids hanging around. I'm eating dinner with my husband and talking about my day (because I can and I've been sober for 10 years!)

We have been laughing a lot at the comedy channel and I'm taking an online class. I have got a beautiful life…and they tell me I'm sick. I have a disease. One that I will never be cured of and when I go to a friend's house where there are many compulsive overeaters and I announce that with some work on my self esteem and practicing regular eating habits that I am cured of that problem now they shun me…they look at me in disbelief, they are afraid because it CAN NOT BE!

I will not be ashamed. I am empowered. I will no longer take blame or look at "my part" if my intuition is telling me to run. At first it was a slow jog but I've run out of the doors of AA and will not look back.

Thanks to sites like MoreRevealed, I can face those programmed fears and will soon bounce back to center between the grasp of the alcohol and the grasp of the cult.