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Creepy People

June 6th, 2005

I began attending AA last June 04 , when i decided I needed help with my drinking, both my doctor and a therapist suggested I join. What could I do? I had no where else to go. … I was immediately given a sponsor and told to join a home group. I was a mess. One man in the group took an interest in me and guided me through — little did I know he was interested in more than my recovery. I was taken in by him and he turned out to be psychotic. I was taken in by this for about 6 months. i truly believe in this time I was brainwashed. I was not myself. i felt guilty all the time If I did not do as they said and I began to second guess everything but I didn't want to leave as I thought that would be it for me.

I went home to live with my mother for a few months away from AA — she has been sober without AA for 26 years — a dry drunk the AAs said. I talked a lot of things over and began to come out of the fog. I went back to AA after a few months. Many things AA said began to not make any sense. I began to question things — people didn't like it. They said I wasn't working the program properly. I made the decision to leave and many people tried to talk me out of it. After I left I have never heard from them again! People who said they were my friends. But that is fine. I now look back and cringe - what a sucker i was. I am so much happier in recovery without AA. There are some good people there but their principles scare me and I am glad I got out while I still had some rational thinking.