More Revealed's Own Horror Stories


July 13th, 2006

Oh hi guys and girls I'm an ex 12 stepper, and what a good little 12 stepping boy I was, I used to have god in my life and I used to try to give god to others, my I think the birds used to chirp on my shoulders too? I'm not sure.

Until one fateful day when it dawned on me that those AA whom claimed to have defects removed were in fact a lying bunch of patronizing arseholes who in fact did not know a god damn thing about anything.

As a way of finalizing my exit from the cult of AA I decided to start drinking which incidentally I might add I'm not powerless over.

Oh rejoice. Oh the fun. How well my life has gone since I choose to drink again (with some responsibility).

Of course all the deep and meaningful friendships I made in AA are completely irrelevant, and no one took their hats off to me (strange).

Its was all topped off when I met an ex sponsee down the pub and thought, "Oh well I'll buy him a pint sod it." It did seem a bit strange as we were all on our knees doing a step 3 a while ago.

Somewhere through the night I got the impression his girl friend was not functioning too well as she bit him hard on the nose for no apparent reason.

My life is great now I drink. I find it has enhanced my life. Now I'm cured of my alcoholism?