More Revealed's Own Horror Stories

Almost Murdered

Mystic Atheist
March 20th, 2006

I spent/squandered many thousands of hours in the dreary rooms of AA.

Drab decor and phony friends is all I really found.

The steps contradict themselves as bad as the people do.

I probably should explain in lengthy detail how I got sucked in and stayed for so long but that would take way way too long to tell.

I twisted myself into a pretzel trying to 'work the program' the right way but it seemed no matter what I did there was always some old spoil sport (man) ready to put me in my place and put me down.

Some people even called me a liar and said I could not possibly be getting my life back in order so fast.(they were wrong and probably jealous)

The main nugget of my story that makes it a horror is that I befriended a woman a decade older than myself and started giving her rides.

Eventually she called me sponsor. the man she was involved with was a very strange old troll. I didn't know why but every time he talked to me I felt like I had been slimed.

I tried to avoid him but he kept trying to cozy up to me.

I think the perv thought if he could get into my good graces I would let his former lady love go back to him but that would never happen.

I finally realized I was in quicksand after my wallet was stolen.

Everything pointed to the creep having set up this theft but I could not prove it in court.

Then a week later I found out that his 4th wife had been murdered and that the theft of my wallet had occurred on the third anniversary of this tragic event.

I was creeped out. there is much more to the story but I just can't bring myself to write it.

Martha was murdered and so was Patty.

the prime and only suspects are longtime AA members.

Nobody in AA would help me. nobody would ever do anything.

All they said is I should go to different meetings

What a crock.

The prime suspects in an unsolved murder stalked me at meetings and one of them threatened to kill me but even then no one helped.

I must confess that part of the reason no one helped is that even the men are afraid of one of these two men.

If you want more info just contact me.

I now have what I call a sightseeing relationship with AA

Once in a while I will go there to see if I can rekindle any friendships.

The hardest part was realizing that the several hundred people I had gotten to know weren't much of friends.

But I still like some of them and wish I could go and not have to worry about running into the creepy trolls.