More Revealed's Own Horror Stories

Abuse by Sponsors

by Cosmocrator
January 1st, 2006

I have seen many abuses perpetrated by "old-timers," acting as sponsors for new members:

  1. Sexual harassment is not unknown, although spoken of in whispers.
  2. Sponsors often "encourage" newcomers to sever all ties with those who still drink—whether they are alcoholics or not; of course, the sponsors find a myriad of reasons to "prove" that these contacts are alcoholic, or at least co-dependent. This can lead to isolation (from all except the members of the group); severance of ties with family; sometimes to divorce on the grounds that the spouse is not "a healthy person."
  3. Sponsors, with absolutely no medical training, often insist that the new member stop all treatment by means of psychotropic medication (or as they put it, "mood-changing drugs")—even when this medication is prescribed by the most reputable psychiatrists. I have seen this lead to depression, acute anxiety, hospitalizations, return to drinking or substance abuse—in one case, suicide. Here, the "old-timers" are not just playing doctor; they are playing God!