More Revealed's Own Horror Stories

A Creepy Experience

September 27th, 2005

I have been at a German AA meeting three times, and I am still sorting out their nonsense from my brain although I never really fell into their trap.

When entering their room, I felt like in a party meeting with all these symbols and posters and stuff. I wondered about the bookshelf which consisted almost only of their Blue Books, I would have expected a more pluralistic selection.

The 12 steps did not convince me, I would rather have appreciated a more practical approach (like stop meeting drunkards and revive contacts to long-ago sober friends, find yourself a hobby and go out and make new friends, figure out in what circumstances you drink and what you could do instead, go to therapy, make cheerful things, offer yourself nice presents from the money you would have spent drinking, do something you can be proud of etc. ...). None of this was to be found there.

They told me their group was not religious but spiritual, which I found hilarious as half of their steps were about God and redemption. These were clearly Christian values, I have no problem with Christian values but I hate it when they come undercover, there's no room for open discussion and finding a compromise on spiritual matters with the group this way.

I heard the members say things like:

So I can give over my will and power over my life to a group and stuff? Sounded very cult-like, I felt like in a Scientology meeting or such.

After three times there, they wanted to fix the spiritual stuff with me and give me a sponsor, so I ran away. I did not want to leave my spiritual path to such a weird group and to follow a sponsor I barely knew.

Sad thing is, some of the stuff I heard there really could help me, that was when people talked about how they in detail tried not to drink but find other coping strategies. Nevertheless, I still have trouble sorting the good stuff from the cult stuff, and talking about my drinking problem makes me more shameful than before the meetings, and so I think it harmed me even after such a short time and without believing their bullshit.