The First Song Critical of the Step Groups?

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A Blast from the Past

This is part of a Jack Benny radio show from 1951. For those of you who aren't old enough to remember him, Jack Benny was one of most popular radio and TV personalities ever. He became a national figure with The Jack Benny Show in 1932. Even after the end of his radio show, he continued in TV and the movies. His last movie role was to be in Neil Simon's "The Sunshine Boys" in the 70s but due to his failing health he was replaced by George Burns.

Standard for Jack Benny were jokes surrounding how he was so vain he wouldn't admit his real age, jokes surrounding his violin playing, and jokes about being incredibly cheap. He was 39 until the day he died.

The reason why I considered this clip important because it was a snippet of another time before "The Diseasing of America." It was from a time when it was obvious to all of America that people ate and drank too much simply because they wanted to. The Step groups and Marty Mann with her N.C.A. (now the N.C.A.D.D.) have changed all that and only created far worse problems.

I wonder if a modern listener will recognize that the joke is on Jack more than on the other cast members.

The Jack Benny Show
Excerpt from Captain Horatio Hornblower
program date: 9/23/51
runtime: approximately 8:00 minutes