Clinton's Agenda: Forced Anonymous Group Indoctrination

Clinton's Agenda:
Billions of dollars, police power promised
for forced "Anonymous" group indoctrination Clinton's Agenda: Forced Anonymous Group Indoctrination
by Ken Ragge

There are disturbing indications of an unhealthy connection between the White House and Twelve Step groups. Group members are forbidden by "God" from publicly identifying themselves as such in the media. The media has also traditionally seen it as its responsibility to protect the "Anonymity" of group members. However, the needs of the presidential campaign seem to have overridden usual cautions. With 10 to 15 million members, mostly adults of voting age, it must have seemed urgent to get the vote of the Twelve Step groupers.

On July 27, 1992, The New York Times, in a front page story, told of Bill Clinton's brother, at the podium with Bill Clinton, kissing his Alcoholics Anonymous "chip." (Chips are given to members in recognition of time spent on the spiritual path.) Also reported was that Bill Clinton's stepfather was an alcoholic. Al-Anon is the Twelve Step program for those who have the "spiritual disease" of having a loved one who drinks too much. The implication was clear to groupers that Bill Clinton is, at the very least, favorably disposed toward the groups.

Bill Clinton, in the first presidential debate, promised the Anonymous groups billions of dollars and the use of force to meet group goals, "100,000 more police . . . treatment on demand . . . boot camp for first time nonviolent offenders so they can get discipline and treatment and education . . . " There is no publicly funded "treatment" except Twelve Step indoctrination. Clinton may be a grouper of just extremely naive. In any case, he promised the groups the forced indoctrination of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of additional people, and billions for the indoctrination of those vulnerable because they want to quit drugs.

Frequently used in his speeches was the phrase "the courage to change." He never said what we needed the courage to change, just that we needed it. This is a grouper expression, very recognizable to members, with roots dating back to the pro-Fascist Oxford Group, the source of Twelve Step" spirituality." (see the excerpt from More Revealed, chapter 1) This slogan was repeated in headlines across the country. Every grouper knew who to vote for.

It is normal, when a group member is being acknowledged for achievement, to express gratitude to the group. For a public figure, this would seem to cause a clash with "God's" demand for "Anonymity." However, the grouper can thank "the friends of Bill" or "the friends of Bill W." This is code for AA members, referring to AA founder Bill Wilson. (e.g., see the foreword to the book And the Band Played On)

It is impossible to be certain if "the friends of Bill" that Bill Clinton thanked in his victory speech are merely supporters of Clinton as so claimed, or whether they are followers of Bill Wilson. The people who could give a definitive answer can only say they are not members. Either they aren't groupers and will say they aren't, or they are groupers and, forbidden by God from telling the truth, will say they are not.

His Vice-President believes in Codependents Anonymous theology. (see article "Al Gore, Defender of the Faith")

Janet Reno, Clinton's choice for United States Attorney General proved herself with the media and with the President by converting Dade County, Florida criminal justice system into a system of forced Twelve Step indoctrination.

Hillary Clinton and Tipper Gore have been pushing for the inclusion of mental health and alcoholism and addiction benefits with health care reform. If the groupers are as influential with the administration as they seem to be, we can expect federal legislation that has the effect of sending people going through personal crises to government financed Twelve Step indoctrination centers.

Only time, and careful attention to the actions of the administration, will tell just how influential the groupers are in the White House.